Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So I Took a Spin

by Anthony Vinson Smith

so i took a spin on my faithful schwinn
further down the road
turner smith
high rock road
strawberry fields whatever

meadow larks landing
tom turkey on tickle
knee high indigo bunting
how low can you go?

wood white house on hill
whinney from horse in blinders
gardens past grove
the long and winey road
with tractors

old mower parts
from distant days
rusty haze
sign said "serve yourself"

but i must save myself
from speedy ankle yapper
jack russell terrorist
-couldn't catch me on my trusty schwinn
rin tin tin

flags hung here not there
as July comes tomorrow
full of fireworks and joy
elation and sorrow

my ride's almost over
on this cool morning glory
not hot yet
just right still
as i finish my story.

1 comment:

daytripper said...

Nicely done Mr Smith!